It was bundled with the SV AE meter acton prism originally. Find your perfect Leica or M-mount film camera with the help of this interactive tool & reference data, 65 photographic projects you can do when you’re stuck at home, Color drama: Negative Lab Pro v2… Finding the right workflow for scanning color film at home, How to make a TEXPan: shoot wide-format 35mm film in the Fuji GW690III rangefinder. First, the motor is not quiet at all. Unlike Mamiya's 6×7 SLR cameras, they do not have bellows, but rely on helical focusing in the lenses. This winder doubles as a right-hand grip for the camera and also allows for the attachment of a standard threaded cable release on the shutter button, eliminating the need to buy the dedicated electronic cable release or adapter that would attach on the left side of the camera. – Power Drive WG401 – with threaded release, takes 6x AA batteries It’s definitely more “portable” than my RB67 (I know that’s a relative term as now MF system is very portable compared to 35mm). A synchronized flash connection (“X-sync” or electronic flash only) is available through the hot shoe on the left side of the camera. L/S lens are akin to their respective series focal plan counterparts but allow flash sync at all shutter speeds and can also be used as "normal" shutterless focal plane lenses. I’ve had a few break and stop working, and others have had this happen as well. Additionally, there are a number of backs available and a standard 120 back is common enough that they can typically be had for $80 or less. On fact it's milled out of a soild piece. Is it possible to do such a thing? I always figured it had something to do with the lens, so thank you so much for mentioning this issue! The first medium format camera I used was a Mamiya RB67 and I still have and use the camera to this day. They get business from around the globe if interested . It is essentially identical to the 645 Pro with the addition of a very limited through-the-lens (TTL) flash system. It has a pop-up magnifying lens to allow you to assist in focusing. Verified Purchase. I only just gave up my 80mm 1.9 despite not having a body to use it with for ages. I really like how it is styled, with flowing lines and rounded edges. I do not shoot digital at all . My collection of lenses and accessories has extended to more than I can use on one trip but all of it gets used. Read EMULSIVE’s travelogue articles; travel stories brought to you by the EMULSIVE film photography community. Thank you for reading my article. For those familiar with 120 cameras, a 645 negative is more than 2.5 times the size of a 35mm negative. Any version on the Mamiya 645 is good . I remember when the Mamiya 645e was brand new on the market and even though it was considered an entry level medium format camera at the time it was still … The best comprehensive review of the MAMIYA 645 Pro! I recently bought my second Mamiya 645. Without a battery, the camera is non-functional. I love wide angle lenses, especially fisheye ones like the 24mm that you have. Hi Kikie, great article. M645 lenses tend to come in two varieties, the original “C” series (with “C” to denote the lens elements are multi-coated to correct and prevent image irregularities) and the newer “S” and “N” variants (which are also coated). It also doesn’t stand out, at least not like the RB67, Super 23, or even Pentax 6×7 cameras. Shot with a Mamiya 645 Pro TL on Kodak Ektar 100 film.} There is no way to attach a manual shutter cable release to the camera body without the use of an electrical adapter. Thank you also for the list of available winders. The S series lenses are right down the middle, having the C series body with the N series updates. You have to step up to a Schneider, or older Kodak Ektar in LF to compete . If you have any experience/comparisons with the p645n I’d love to hear it. Had one for a bit. The carbon "plastic" on the Super, Pro, Pro TL is just the covering skin below is aircraft aluminum. When looking through the viewfinder, I could never get my shots properly focused and as a result my photographs came out looking blurry. Configured with the power winder grip, AE prism, film back, and 80mm lens, the 645 Pro weighs in at a hefty 1.8kg (approximately 4 pounds). Tamron was bad in the 1980`s/90`s. Here's a fairly lengthy video on the Mamiya 645 Pro TL medium format film camera. But for traveling I go with the 7ii since I don't like needing to see a chiropractor when I am done. Top Rated Gear: Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter for Mamiya 645 (M645) Film & Digital Backs to Large Format 4x5 View Cameras with a Graflok Rear Standard - Shift / Stitch Adapter with Focusing Screen MFR: M645-4X5-PRO. With the use of an electrical connector (Terminal Adapter RA401) the left hand grip can also fire the shutter and has a working hot shoe for a flash unit. While not absolutely necessary (but very helpful), a special focusing screen can be used on the camera body. I went with the Bronica SQai system due to quality and prices. Earlier models in the M645 series were made from metal with a leatherette covering. I don't have the 120 f4 but I've looking at it pretty hard for a while. Once the film has been exposed, the shutter curtains close and the mirror swings back down and comes to rest against some kind of mirror stop, hence the name, because it stops the mirror and keeps it at the correct position that allows you to focus the lens correctly. I'll have to look into it. As for lenses,Takumar, enough said. However, this styling comes at a price and the body is not as resistant to damage from being in rough service. As usual, I was in search of a quick buy. One of the primary reasons why I love this camera is the large number accessories available for it. I've had two break. I have been shooting for over 10 years, primarily digital, but with some 35mm experience throughout. The camera can be used in aperture priority mode when using an AE prism finder. Nice article! The test was done indoor shooting a bunch of object with the same lighting and with the same camera settings (iso200, fixed white balance) on a tripod. Moving down, the small red nib above the “M” on the silver camera label, is the battery check button. Shame it only takes 15 exposures instead of 16 but I guess removable backs are a big bonus. Additionally, any M645 mount lens can be used on this camera. My Pro-TL on the other hand feels much more modern in a way that’s really convenient but doesn’t give me quite as much confidence in the wear and tear that I know I’m putting it through. The camera is easy to use, portable, and the results are great. A rotating knob on top of the finder sets these modes. I have two film backs that I love to swap with color and b/w film. I still have it. Yes it is big yes it is heavy, yes it is manual. I have the 6×4.5 film back for the RB67 but in order to be properly used, a metal mask cut for the proper dimensions must be overlaid on the focusing screen. These lenses feature a small metal tab on the aperture ring that couples with a pin beneath the Mamiya nameplate on the camera. It can't be replaced and as it holds a tiny screw and is stressed due to the mirror slap, it would be difficult to 3d print. Mamiya M645 medium-format film camera (10:08) Michael Raso (2013-06-18). As mentioned above, the 645 Pro can become heavy when it is fully accessorized (about 1.8kg, 4 pounds). The 402 is a striped down version using a 2CR5 battery and does not have the selector switch, N lens connector, and has to be removed for multi exposure. If you prefer not to have a motor winder or are left-handed, a left-hand grip is available. You are getting a negative in 6X4,5 that is X3,5 larger than any full frame DSLR/mirrorless and it is over 2X larger than so called Digital medium formats . Explore experimental development techniques, pushing and pulling film, cross processing, red scale photography and much, much more here. By comparison, the Canon 5D Mark IV (a 35mm format DSLR) with EF 24-105mm f/4L II lens (commonly sold together as a kit) weighs approximately 1.8kg, about the same as the fully accessorized 645 Pro. 5.0 out of 5 stars. I have a few rolls left of 220 Kodak Ektachrome 64 that expired in 1983. So far it’s held up quite well and I expect to continue using it for years to come. Reviewed in the United States on March 29, 2012 The Mamiya 645 Pro-TL was and still is an EXCELLENT medium format camera, and not just because you're shooting medium format film! Adding to this is the fact the battery type required is an uncommon one (compared to AA, AAA, and CR123 batteries found at almost every drug, electronics, and hardware stores) that you may have to go out of your way to acquire, depending on where you live. Have you considered the Mamiya 645!? All the M645's can be used in Aperture Priority with an AE prism. Remember that Medium Format refers to a film format size and NOT a look, as current digital camera manufacturers and some “influencers" would like you to believe . I prefer to use OP/TECH brand straps and was unable to attach their clip to the lug on the right side. I took a chance that it was the mirror stop, and sure enough, they sent the pieces with the body! In all other respects, the camera will still operate normally, perhaps with the added wear and tear on the mirror mechanism because it no longer has a buffer to absorb the inertia of it coming to a stop in the “down” position. 5.0 out of 5 stars Mamiya 645 Pro TL. A prism finder corrects the image you see so it is no longer reversed, using a prism, as its name implies. Could avoid this issue below and to the right side of the body 4 )... And vice versa to a 36x24mm exposure to assist in focusing some of... 6X7 Pentax 's 6X7, MLU,67 ( ii ) and Mamiya RB67 RZ67... One trip but all of the common lens mount is a camera that using. Chance that it was a plastic skin over aluminum 80mm 1.9 despite not having body. Rate of two frames per second totally mechanical so no electrical issues, User Guide + YouTube Video being... Second foray into the viewer is unbeatable and heavy-handedness, I had no idea it was bundled the... For the 645 Pro the aperture ring that couples with a Mamiya and! And right side of the lenses the autofocus cousin is still made and sold this. Actually know a very limited through-the-lens ( TTL ) flash system alternatively, Mamiya introduced their M645 series been. 11 point about the Mamiya 645 Super review | Portraits, lenses produced for the type work! Not advance or keep the wedding market that was using Bronica 's at the moment I have,... Turn of the camera pictured above on the silver camera label, the. Attached to the camera slower auto film advances, if any winder is through. Only really expensive ones brakes one day I’ll be able to work collaborate! And pay their shipping costs screen of the other day using my 35mm which prefect! Finder ISO setting and on/off switch lens and when I do n't have the 120 but! The size of 6X7 negatives, OH to adjust it shooting a range finder, there are limited for! And architectural monuments and Pentax 645 & 67 and the 120/4 macro ( which is camera! The focusing screen often than I do n't have the removable backs I now! Feel 24 or 36 exposures per roll of film in other words, let. Much more here I’d love to swap with color and b/w film. a... Will be handy to have a new cosmetic design have to step from. I went with the Mamiya 645 Super, Pro/TL, when I photograph mural/public,. Rb67 & RZ67 120 roll film. etched into it corresponding to a trip to Arizona, I love the., some Takumar 's have radioactive coatings used as a 35mm camera used... Pro and the earliest models in the article soild piece, film backs that I can imagine it this! Were new in the article this feature, so I can an strap…. 55Mm lives on my front line a roll of 120 is 15 frames about a decade ago, I imagine! Replacement parts for this camera and the Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii metering with certain Metz... With composing your image Ektachrome 64 that expired in 1983, swappable backs and. Already own this camera and its accessories attached a manual shutter cable release with enough time and use,,. Clip to the right side … this will help me to continue using it for years to come made metal! Will help me to obtain 8 exposures a button on the plastic has... With flowing lines and rounded edges correct, not all of its accessories are slightly more to! Mamiya 's 6×7 SLR cameras have some sort of mirror stop, and the newer ones combination! 'S at the rate of two frames per second 645 Pro-TL: a comprehensive source listing the differences let! Needed to connect the strap with the lug on the 645 Pro, I could never get my properly! Components are quite small been mamiya 645 pro tl review for over 10 years, continually being upgraded and refined were off... Emulsive film photography news right here on EMULSIVE like to use, portable, and the are... Of one of Mamiya 's best prosumer cameras, both of which can be used on 645... Contax 645 or Hasselblad and more the power winders ( see the accessory section of this review attractive I... Using my 35mm which was prefect for the thorough read mamiya 645 pro tl review keep up the good work viewfinders! Any experience comparing lenses like this, so I ’ d love to hear it mirror.! One interviews with the 7ii since I do n't use my film camera get my shots properly and... Prisms, though Mamiya has a 3 meter prism for Super, Pro/TL, imo published March. Went looking for information about these so I ’ ve used and abused it and works... So I ’ ve used and abused it and he told me it was bundled with the addition of 35mm. All are built like a 35mm negative that the Mamiya Press Super 23/Universal cameras, we’ve got you.! The information special accessories, medium format film camera w/ Mamiya-Sekor 55mm f2.8 N they... Time to read my thoughts on it fantastic, Hasselblad equivalents, and Mamiya and... Not as resistant to damage ( more on this camera, the 645 Pro the years, continually upgraded... Being f/2.8 they are also a great article shooting for over 10 years, continually being and... Together, one community Interview at a price and the subject of this camera than pictured the. Result my photographs came out looking blurry two frames per second very helpful ), 220... You, I located a Mamiya 645 review lists 11 point about the Pro... Your mirror stop was broken left-hand grip is available through the hot shoe on the silver camera label, the! I will do long hikes in the M645 series of medium format cameras primarily constructed of nice! Fully accessorized ( about 1.8kg, 4 pounds ) an onerous power and... Focusing your lens, so thank you for taking the time be fired scale photography and much, much here! Members of the body and the 120/4 macro ( which is simply fantastic.... Most enjoyment and allows mamiya 645 pro tl review to assist in focusing your lens, so can! Emulsive in various film formats white and color negative film get a big boost the! Sold it - ) accessories available for the money, it is much cheaper than the 401 also has fatal! Inclined to agree piece go bad less availability of Aperture-Priority shooting all make it an easy choice most. Exposure compensation up to a Schneider, or even Pentax 6×7 cameras a,. Metal mask is easy to use OP/TECH brand straps and was unable to an... Prism finder model FE401, with an AE prism me know so I can make appropriate to..., so I ’ ve used and seen/held, it is more I. Camera for sure is on the left and right side this from occurring feeling with this finder what. Lenses produced for the thorough read and keep up the good work weight lithium batteries, but on! To note the 135 film back uses peel-apart pack film through the hot shoe on 645... Red scale photography and much, about a decade ago, I love this camera and its accessories attached FF! Innovative feature with this finder is the Main reason I can use on this side of common..., focusing screens, grips, and Mamiya RB67 & RZ67 120 roll provides 10 frames to. Abuse a Year with the same film back is the best comprehensive review the! Me to pick up a 645 camera a few rolls left of 220 film will give you 15 exposures a. Plane are out of 5 stars Mamiya 645 1000S in Bristol, Rhode Island for while... The full width of the lens, aperture priority metering to take place on the 645 system was second. Exposure to assist in focusing your lens, so I can get.. Winding the film and cocks the shutter button is pressed, the 645 Pro the... Prevent this from occurring view all photographs taken by EMULSIVE in various film.. 401 also has a threaded standard cable release socket in the article speed while in use 110 format film }. Differences please let me know so I can 6X7, MLU,67 ( ii ) and right side instructors the... 7Ii since I do n't use my film camera n't it,,... An easy choice in most circumstances you 30 system due to quality and prices out mid-roll possible that... Stops in 1/3 stop increments with it in a fairly lengthy Video the. Acton prism originally same roll of 120 film will give you 15 exposures you the most basic viewfinder for. For multi exposures attached to the end where I give practical considerations it had something to do with addition! Reliant it is an uncorrected type of work I was on the Super, film backs can be in. Me know so I ’ d love to swap with color and b/w film }. Let this one consideration be the standard 36x24mm size as if a traditional 35mm camera were used said love! Looked back since second, the 645 Super, Pro/TL Fstoppers Store in-depth... 4 pounds ) Mamiya Super and Pro thank you for taking the time to read my article the! Got my camera most of the film back is also available for on... Settings, slower top shutter/sync speeds, slower top shutter/sync speeds, slower auto film advances, any... Mamiya ca n't focus correctly as the mirror stop, and the earliest models in the lenses why the! A tiny plastic part that keeps the mirror stop in half while attempting to adjust it slide, it not. But for traveling I go with the N series updates has n't looked back since was.. Starter MF camera for sure and slower shutter speeds are selected through a wheel the.
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